7th Katara European Jazz Festival from tomorrow

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With the participation of 11 countries, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) will organize tomorrow the 7th European Katara Jazz Festival. The festival will continue until November 6.

The festival will be held at Katara Esplanade – Doors 20 and 21, from 6.30 p.m.

This annual festival has become one of the most important events organized by Katara in cooperation with the embassies of European countries in Qatar.

“The first jazz edition started in 2015 with the participation of 5 European countries, and currently we have reached the 7th edition, with the participation of 11 countries. There were participating countries in previous editions, ”said Katara’s director of international affairs department Mariam Al Saad.

Speaking to Qatar Radio, she said the aim of the festival is to shed light on this type of music through the participation of European countries and by welcoming some countries to express and present this culture.

In this edition, Al Saad explained, attendance and participation started to increase, as coordination was previously provided by embassies, while there is now interest and attention from the European Union, which means that the festival has become a greater prestige, and this helps us to welcome important and recognized teams.

“In this edition, we have hosted famous and well-known European teams, unlike the first edition, where we only hosted amateur teams,” she noted.

The Katara European Jazz Festival has grown into a major event, attracting some of the world’s best jazz musicians and composers.

It is one of the most important titles planned by Katara in the process of creating bonds between people through culture, art and creativity, because music is one of the most beautiful means of expression. human and a solid bridge that effectively contributes to civilizational and cultural exchanges. and encourages cooperation and rapprochement between the different peoples and communities of the world.

The festival is described as a message of friendship and peace between peoples, for its role in promoting human communication between different countries and spreading the values ​​of kindness, tolerance and cooperation.

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