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A local artist prepares his table for the third day of the Coolbreeze Art and Smooth Jazz Festival.
Photo by Shamonee Baker

For the fourth consecutive year, the Coolbreeze Festival served as a platform to showcase the beauty of art and music in Tallahassee as part of Jazz Appreciation Month.

The festival caters to all age groups and strives to “bring together talented artists and musicians from the North Florida area.”

The three-day event that connects musicians and artists began Thursday with a music workshop for young people at Florida A&M University, followed by a pre-jazz festival happy hour at the Hyatt hotel on Friday, according to

Today, the last day of the event, the concert and jazz festival was scheduled to take place from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cascades Park.

Musicians warm up for their performances at the Coolbreeze Art and Smooth Jazz Festival.
Photo by Shamonee Baker

The FAMU Jazz Ensemble was among the many musicians featured, including Noteworthy and The James Ward Band (JWB).

In recent years, the family festival has featured musicians like the FAMU quartet, Aaron Hayden, Johnny Sax and Joel Johnson and Friends.

Event coordinator Jennifer Donald says the festival has received a great response on social media since the festivities began and she hopes the same response will reflect today’s event.

“It’s a great event for the community,” Donald said. “It’s an opportunity for great music, food and exposure for young entrepreneurs and authors.”

Two examples of these young entrepreneurs are Ethan and Edward Chapman III.

Ethan Chapman, a 6-year-old author of the book ‘Important People in My Community’, stands next to his mother Lourie Chapman as she sets up their merchandise table and hangs their banners.

Yuri Chapman, Ethan Chapman and Edward Chapman III (left to right) posing in front of their merchandise table.
Photo by Shamonee Baker

“We’re here to inspire other kids to start young and show them there’s no limit,” said Youri Chapman. “You can aspire to be anything.”

Ethan’s older brother, Edward Chapman III, is a 10-year-old drummer and owner of 3RD’s Drum Line.

He was due to take to the main stage of the festival to give a solo drum performance around 3 p.m.

“Even in the midst of a good time, you can grow your brand and your business,” Yuri Chapman said.

If you are going to:

What: Coolbreeze Art and Smooth Jazz Festival

When: From 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. today, weather permitting.

Or: Cascades Park

Cost: Free for general admission; $5 for VIP admission (reserved seats and a VIP bag)

For more information, visit

Willie J. Johnson