Citywide Ankara Jazz Festival


The 26th Ankara International Jazz Festival, which kicked off on November 6, will meet music lovers at various venues in Ankara until November 16.


The 10-day festival, with special concerts, lectures and free Masterclass events, will be held at venues such as CP Ankara Hotel, Altınel Hotel & Convention Center, CerModern, Çankaya Municipality Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center, Last Penny Büklüm, Sixto Chill & Jazz, Samm’s Bistro, HU Ankara State Conservatory, Ankara State Conservatory Jazz Department and Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.

Gökhan Somel Trio, Kaan Çelen Trio, Wonju Lee Quintet, Sibel Köse Quartet, Tuna Ötenel, Arzum Biner Sextet, Dolce Vocal Jazz Trio, Pascal Schumacher and Eylül Ergül Quartet are among the names to take the stage at the festival.

This year, the festival takes place under the theme “Jazz Climate”. Jazz Society of Türkiye head and festival curator Özlem Oktar Varoğlu said the following about the theme of the event:

“As Jazz Society, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, which is one of the main causes of climate change. In the 26th Ankara Jazz Festival, we mainly give place to groups from Ankara. Ankara is an important jazz center where jazz artists are educated and open to the world from here. It is essential for us to have important foreign participants in the festival. However, we made sure that the groups were as appropriate as possible to our theme. So we tried to have less flights, less travel and less carbon footprint. Additionally, we have tried to minimize the use of paper and plastic, as we have been doing for a long time.

Willie J. Johnson