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The Fort Langley Jazz and Art Festival is expected to return in person.

This is the first year since the start of the pandemic, in 2019 Dave Quinn and Karen Zukas, the founders, planned to host the jazz festival in person.

“It’s been tough with COVID, in 2019 we planned the big event in person at the fort, then boom, COVID hit and we have to move to an online streaming event, but we had to adapt,” said Quinn.

The festival in 2019 and 2020 were both live but that didn’t stop the community from enjoying the music.

“It’s always a very popular event, even online all the tickets have been sold to you,” Zukas said.

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The next festival July 21-24 is scheduled to take place in person and local artists are in demand.

Applications for the festival opened on October 1 and end on December 31.

“It’s quite remarkable, we already have about two to three apps, which is interesting, we see apps with R & B groups, to western swing music. It’s really amazing, ”Quinn said.

The festival focuses on local emerging artists from the Lower Mainland, with some meanings.

“We actually saw applications from France. One year we had a Spanish artist, ”added Quinn.

This year, a total of 46 applicants will be chosen to participate in the four-day event.

The festival will include four stages, one in the community hall with music, a children’s area on St. Mary Street with music and family activities, an arts area outside the fort with music and an indigenous area with cultured art and music.

Additionally, there will be a plush seating theater inside the fort.

“The great blues show will be back. It’s really magical when we have a blues performance inside, music is just supposed to be inside, and we’re really excited for that, ”Quinn said.

People with musical talents in genres other than jazz are encouraged to apply.

“We’re a jazz festival but we see all kinds of different genres, we love all music,” Quinn said.

Those wishing to apply can submit their application online, a video of a performance, a photo and a brief biography are required.

“We are really excited for this festival, we can’t wait to be back in person and hear the music in real life,” Zukas added.

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