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About the event


The Washington State University School of Music will present the school’s first jazz concert of the year on Tuesday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m., at the Kimbrough Concert Hall, live and in person, which will also be broadcast live on WSU Pullman Music. Youtube channel. The concert will feature the award-winning Jazz Northwest faculty, WSU Jazz Big Band and Big Band II under the direction of Professor Regents and Jazz Studies Coordinator Greg Yasinitsky. The special guest of the concert will be saxophonist and composer David Larsen.

Larsen, group director at Spokane Falls Community College, specializes in baritone saxophone and is an award-winning and widely published composer. His recent compact discs: Deviating from the norms and The Mulligan Chronicles were critically acclaimed and broadcast on national radio. Like Travis Rogers from The Sentinel & Rural News writing : “Deviating from the norms works at all levels, from performances to compositions… It’s an album that immediately makes you hit the replay button. Again and again.”

The concert will open with Jazz Northwest performing “Pinwheel” by Jake Svendsen, the ensemble’s pianist. Jazz Northwest also includes Horace Alexander Young and Yasinitsky, saxophones; David Turnbull, trumpet; César Haas, guitar; Jake Svendsen, piano; David Bjur, bass; and Darryl Singleton, percussion.

Big Band II will perform “Sofrito” and “Quality Time” by Yasinitsky as well as “2 by 2” by Larsen. soloists will include Larsen; Shane Isom, guitar; Meg Fritz, piano; Zander Santa Cruz and Ethan Staingar, saxophones, Zachary Simmons, trombone and Joe-Henry McQuary, drums

The Jazz Big Band will perform “The Big Beat” by Yasinitsky with their arrangements of “Creepin ‘” by Stevie Wonder and “Private Eye” by Joe Jackson. Larsen will be featured on his new composition “Illegal Actions”. Soloists will also include Thomas Wieland and Rogan Tinsley, saxophones; Brad Dowson; trombone and Erik Hawkins, drums.

The concert is made possible in part by generous funding from Allegro, the student association for the defense of music.

The concert will be free and the public is invited. The concert will also be broadcast live on the WSU Pullman Music YouTube channel.

Willie J. Johnson