Port Fairy Jazz Festival plans to continue | The standard

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The lack of volunteers caused by the current COVID outbreak poses a problem for one of the district’s most successful community events. The Port Fairy Jazz Festival will be held the weekend of February 11-13, with jazz players and fans from across the country ready to flock to the famous seaside town. But the escalation in the number of COVIDs since the start of 2022 worries organizers about what to expect. Rod Carter, a member of the Port Fairy Jazz Festival committee, said the main concern at this point, one month before the event, was the pressure on volunteer numbers. “With all the extra registrations, we’ll need more volunteers than ever before,” Carter said. “The problem with this is that it could very well be the other way around, we could have fewer volunteers than normal.” We don’t know who might test positive for COVID or who might self-isolate by the time the festival is coming. “There could also be people who maybe don’t feel like going out and would rather stay away to dodge COVID.” She’s an unknown but it’s something we need to watch out for given the importance of our volunteers. “Despite the concern over the volunteers, plans are making progress to make the festival run, in as complete a form as possible. This goal brings challenges in the planning stages, with extra layers added to what needs to be done. to hold “We have a meeting next week, but at this point in the game we’re on the right track,” Carter said. “We’ve completed our COVID plan, which includes a loot of QR codes. We need so many QR codes because now we have a festival made up of events in 10 different locations, so we need to have a QR code for each of them. With the festival requiring a double COVID vaccination as a condition of entry, verifying this requires a plan of its own. Each person who comes to the festival must register upon arrival, and at that time they receive a badge. Previously, a representative of a group could register and collect badges on behalf of the group, but this year each individual will have to register. On this occasion, he must also present proof of his double vaccination. The festival has taken out insurance that will cover its costs in the event of cancellation or significant reduction of the event. The festival went ahead last year, but with just one concert on Friday night.


Willie J. Johnson