The 34th Annual Elkhart Jazz Festival is underway

ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) – The beat is back in downtown Elkhart for the 34th annual Elkhart Jazz Festival.

It is one of the oldest regional festivals in the country and one of the biggest events in the city.

Five main stages – scattered throughout the city – will feature hundreds of artists and 40 different bands.

There will also be pop-up shows.

“I’ll try to hear everyone even if it’s for 15 minutes. Going through 40 different bands is tough, but I love it. I love the music,” said Elkhart Jazz Festival Co-Chair Kurt Janowsky.

Talented artists, like Danny Lerman, will be there this weekend.

“It’s fun to play here for the Jazz Festival and associated events and also to play for the mayor of Elkhart,” Lerman said.

“Lots of animations. You choose. You watch. You read about them in the program. You see what kind of music it is, see who you think you like. Go see someone you’ve seen before and you know you’ll like…listen to someone new you’re not sure about…If you like music and don’t necessarily think you’re a jazz fan, you’re going to love the party. We cross all genres of jazz and we get out of jazz a bit too,” Janowsky said.

There are also food trucks, fireworks and other entertainment.

This festival takes place all weekend

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Willie J. Johnson